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// Moling //

By aiming to reduce the surface disruption to your driveway and gardens we at Cascadia water employ the use of the latest trenchless technologies known as impact moling.

The pneumatic powered piercing tool which looks much like a torpedo punches through the ground displacing the soil sufficiently to accommodate your new pipe.

An isolated launch pit near to the boundary line or external meter is necessary to start the process along with a further pit in which to receive the mole often adjacent to the point of entry into the building. Subject to distances and the layout of the property further pits can be necessary in order to make the process possible.

The new pipe is fed through the new void and connected at either end in a quick, clean and relatively painless exercise.

~~ Reduced surface disturbance of gardens and driveways against traditional trenching

~~ Reduced reinstatement costs

~~ Possible for most conditions except rock or made up ground

~~ Quicker, cleaner more efficient method of installation

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